The Cluckers

Kristi is the matriarch. She works in IT, likes to game, suffers from Narcolepsy, and is addicted to sugar.

Matthew is the patriarch. He’s a former (medically retired) Cav Scout and is in school for an IT degree. He is the glue that holds everything together.  He’s  also a great dungeon master.

Randy is a threenager. He actively refuses to potty train but can read and spell. He’s  obsessed  with anything alphabet-related.


Phoebe, Lil B, Willis, Slocum, Martha, and Ray-Ray are the originals. In order they are an Australorp,  Barred Rock, Asian, ISA Brown (x2), and Rhode Island Red.

The Silkies are..just the Silkies. There’s 4. They’re not very old and so far have no personalities other than being afraid of everything.

The new kids are a Lavendar Orpington, 3 Olive Eggers, 2 Ameriucana’s, and 2 Svart Hona’s. They’re still in their grow-out pens. Moose, the Lavendar Orp. is the oldest but too small to go with the she plays mom to the other ones.