Chickens, Holiday, Injury

Our first injury

Well, it was bound to happen..I just wasn’t fully prepared for it.

We have a spot in the fencing that is loose. We had a Silkie get out the other day and by the time Matthew was able to get it back in, he was limping a little. Not a big deal, we were just going to watch it.

I went out this afternoon for a feed and water check (and to bring them strawberries…) and said Silkie was laying by the gate, one leg sprawled up front and one behind him, unable to really move.

I scooped him up and brought him inside. Gave him a bath and a blow dry, food and water (and strawberry) and got a better look. Unfortunately I still can’t locate the exact place that is injured. If I leave him alone, he wobbles back and forth but never stands. If I prop the left leg (injured one) under him and straighten his toes, he can sit just fine.. but if he moves, more wobbling and flailing.

Im not quite sure what to do, so right now he is wrapped up and sitting in a laundry basket in a dark room. It’s night time anyway so I’ll let him sleep it off. I’ve consulted a trusted facebook group to get opinions and I’ll do another assessment tomorrow. I didn’t want to splint anything because.. I just don’t know what to splint, exactly. When I felt around and moved everything.. he never acted like he was in pain.

Bad time to be a new chicken mom! But we will see.. so..there’s that.


Hope you guys had a bangin’ 4th of July!


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