Happy Mother’s  Day!!

I just want to say that I hope all of you moms out there had a great day. Mom’s with angel babies, step babies, adopted babies, fur babies, chicken babies, dads having to play the part of moms, and everyone in between.

I got yesterday “off.” Matthew and Randy went to his dad’s and stayed the night. I ran around town a little bit and had ice cream for dinner. It was fabulous.

Today while we were all outside visiting and doing whatever (Matthew was burning cardboard), Lil B got out. Not really sure how that happened, either. Thankfully none of the dogs were around. Matthew spotted him and let him back in. Said he was at the gate trying to get back in.  Atleast he knew where he should go! As pessimistic as it might seem, I bet I lose 3 before a years time. I love my chichic’s  but we’re out in the country. It’s bound to happen.

Also! I’m pretty excited at the prospect of getting 3 English Lavendar Orpingtons and a Black Copper Maran hen! A friend hollered at me today about them. If it works out I’ll get them next week!!

Alright, sleepy time. Take care!


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